Tuesday 3 September 2013

New Writing Schedule

So, it's September, which means it's back to school time. My youngest is now in school full time, which means I have the whole day to write. I vow to use my time wisely and not piss about on twitter/ebay/google all day. I will write, write, write!

Ok, so that's a lie and I'll have broken my vow by 9:15. But nobody's perfect, right?


  1. I've started keeping track of my internet faffing time so my procrastinating gets all up in my face and screams at me: WRITE INSTEAD! ;)

  2. Hey! I tried to leave a comment earlier, but the page wouldn't load. :(

    Good luck with the new schedule - I'll see you on Twitter! :p

  3. Hope your schedule is more productive than mine !


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