Wednesday 11 September 2013

Guest Post: Alicia Rades

How I Knew I Discovered My True Passion 
Writing is my true passion. As much as I’d like to say I’ve always known that, I haven’t. My first recollection of writing anything creative comes from when I was 8 years old. My grandmother had an old type writer, and I wanted to use it, so I wrote my first song.
I continued my journey by producing countless pieces of poetry. When I was in sixth grade, I started writing short stories and became convinced that I was going to write a novel someday.
But soon, those ideas faded. No one makes it as a writer, do they? In high school, life seemed too busy to keep writing. I had school, sports, and extracurricular activities to work around. 
Then when I 17, my sister asked, “You like to write, don’t you?” I remember saying, “Yeah…why?” reluctant to do anything with it. Then she gave me information that led to the start of my freelance writing career. I wasn’t sure that it was something I wanted to do at first. I mean, I liked writing poetry. The idea of making a little bit of extra money in my spare time without having to drive anywhere intrigued me, though, and I took her up on the offer.
I’m not going to be shy. I’ll admit it. I was a terrible writer then. Why anyone ever hired me, I don’t know. But as time went on, I started to realize that I really enjoyed writing blog posts and product descriptions. I eventually found myself spending heaps of time reading about how to write better, and the more I learned, the more joy I got from it.
But I wanted to learn more, so I started a blog. That eventually took me through different niches and four different blogs before I landed where I am today. Today, I write for money, I write for leisure for my blog and other blogs, and I’m slowly working on the first draft of my first novel.
So that’s my story, but how did I know. I’ll give you three great reasons.
  1. I want to learn. And then I want to learn more. I never get bored learning how to become a better writer. I never get bored practicing. Everything I write and read is a new experience, and I want to keep learning.
  2. I want to do it forever. I’m a student, and while I’m not going to school for any sort of writing degree, I find myself telling my husband every now and then, “I just don’t know what to do. I want to write forever, but I want to get my degree, too.” So I’ve decided that I will keep writing after I get my degree.
  3. I’m super excited about it. Every guest post, blog post, assignment, poem, and chapter excites me. I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing.

That’s my story. What is your true passion, and how did you know?
Alicia Rades has a passion for writing, and she has been freelance writing since 2010. If you’re like Alicia and love writing, check out her blog at, and then check her out on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.


  1. Thanks for sharing my story, Jennifer.

  2. I love that story! Best of luck with your writing, Alicia.

    Santa bought me a typewriter when I was about eight-years-old and I knew from that moment that I wanted to be a writer. :)


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