Wednesday 30 July 2014

Blog Tour: You Had Me At Merlot by Lisa Dickenson

Today I'm pleased to be taking part in the blog tour of Lisa Dickinson's You Had Me At Merlot, with a review of the book.
Elle has been single forever - but she likes it that way. She likes having her own space and never having to compromise. So when her best friend suggests they go on a singles holiday, Elle is more than a little reluctant. But while Elle is content with her single status, Laurie is unhappy and is eager to find the love of her life. For Laurie's sake, Elle agrees to go on the holiday. She'll laze in the sun and drink wine while Laurie finds the man of her dreams.
I'd been looking forward to reading You Had Me At Merlot as I had heard such great things about the book on Twitter - and now I can see why. You Had Me At Merlot is the perfect summer read; gorgeous Italian setting, hunky men and a fantastic set of characters. I thought Elle was a brilliant character and warmed to her straight away. She's a fun, confident woman who loves her independence and although she isn't interested in a relationship, she isn't a man-hater, which could have been a little clichéd. Elle is happy with the way her life is, but her trip to the Italian vineyard soon shakes that up!
There are loads of great characters in the book, from Elle and Laurie to the new people they meet while on holiday. It isn't a typical 18-30s holiday, so there is a broad spectrum of characters to get to know, as well as the gorgeous hero no romantic comedy would be complete without.
I loved Lisa Dickinson's style of writing. It was light and chatty with lots of humour. Although the book is split into four parts, I decided against reading it in small bite-sized pieces and devoured the whole lot in just a couple of days as it was just too tempting to read on. Each part ends on a bit of a cliff hanger, so I was eager (and greedy) and kept going until the end.
If you're looking for a fun read full of laugh-out-loud moments, then You Had Me At Merlot could be the perfect book for you.
You Had Me At Merlot is available in four parts. Parts 1-3 are out now, with the final instalment available on 4th August.


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