Wednesday 9 July 2014

Giveaway: A Gift To Remember by Melissa Hill

To celebrate the paperback release of Melissa Hill's A Gift To Remember, I've been provided with a signed copy to give way to one lucky winner. To enter, all you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter form below and leave a comment telling me what has been your favourite gift (a gift to remember, if you will).

I reviewed A Gift To Remember late last year. Here's what I thought:

Darcy Archer lives for books. She's the manager of a New York bookstore and loves nothing more than curling up and escaping into a book and even dreams of her favourite book heroes. Her aunt, glamorous events manager, Katharine, worries that Darcy is spending too much time holed up in her apartment with a book. Nothing exciting ever happens to Darcy. Until one disastrous morning when Darcy knocks over a man while riding to work on her bike.
Darcy is horrified by the accident and feels guilty. So when the man's dog is accidentally left behind at the scene while he rushed to hospital, Darcy feels responsible for it. As well as the dog, a husky named Bailey, there is also a beautifully wrapped package left behind and Darcy vows to reunite the dog and gift with their owner.
Darcy tracks down the man - a handsome and successful businessman named Aidan Harris - and from there she embarks on a journey of discovering who he is and just what is in that mysterious package.
I thought A Gift To Remember was a little slow to begin with and while the writing was engaging and well-written, it did take a little while to get going for me. However, once it did, I was pulled into Darcy's mission to find out more about Aidan Harris and I think I wanted to find out who he was just as much as she did! I was fully immersed in the story and the mystery of Aidan and the package and thoroughly enjoyed the book.
Darcy is a great character, if a little stubborn at times, and I thought she put great effort into her mission. I absolutely loved her world of New York and books and could understand her completely. My favourite character in the book was Darcy's friend and co-worker, Joshua, who is fun as well as kind and loyal. And Bailey is quite a lovable character too!
I thought A Gift To Remember was a fantastic festive book in a gorgeous setting and with a host of fantastic characters. The story is a perfect blend of intrigue and romance and I'd definitely recommend it.
And now for the giveaway! Fill in the Rafflecopter form below and leave a comment telling me what has been your favourite gift for a chance to win a signed copy of the book. There are chances to gain extra entries but these are optional.

Once the giveaway has ended, Rafflecopter will choose one winner at randon, who will be notified via email before being announced on the blog.

This is a UK only giveaway.

Good luck!

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  1. My favourite gift, so hard to think of just one. I think it would have to be my engagement ring, which was a lovely surprise gift at the time.

  2. My Favourite gift was a laptop computer xxx

  3. Thank you for this great giveaway ☺ my favourite gift is my furry baby girl, Angel, a staff x collie that my husband bought me last year for my 40th. Along with my children she is my world and I couldn't imagine life without her xx

  4. My favourite gift is an oil painting called The Moon and The Hare. I coveted it for months but the price tag made it totally out of my league. Just before my husband, Paul, was scheduled for surgery to remove a brain tumour he came home with it in the boot of our car. He was it was an early thank you for all the love, care and support he said he knew I would give him in the following months and that life was too short to worry about how much things cost!

  5. my favourite was a necklace from my husband

  6. My car. I got it for my 18th birthday and I know that my parents saved up for it which made it mean a lot more.

  7. My favourite gift was a little black 14 week old kitten with a small white patch on her chest. She was found in the middle of nowhere and was ill with cat flu and covered in fleas. She was my best friend, confidant and shadow for 15 years until she died last Sunday. A sad end but the greatest gift I could have wished for.

  8. My fav gift was my kindle hdx for xmas for paul

  9. My favorite gift would have to be a handmade necklace given to me on my wedding day from my beautiful children.

  10. my favourite gift was a scrapbook style poster that my best friend drew. She drew all the faces of my favourite musical artists surrounded by my favourite album covers of all time - it was incredible as she is an incredible artist!

  11. Mundane but practical, a washing machine when mine broke down.

  12. The best gift ever was a kitten i named Enzo , who is now 5 years old.


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