Tuesday 26 August 2014

It Had To Be You by Ellie Adams

Lizzy Spellman is mortified when she is dumped by her boyfriend, Justin. Not only is it completely unexpected, it is in a room full of people and one of those people happen to be recording the dumping on their phone. With the footage uploaded to YouTube, Lizzy becomes famous overnight. Trying to shed herself of her woman-dumped-on-YouTube persona, Lizzy attempts to move on from Justin and find love again.
I was really looking forward to reading It Had To Be You as I was immediately drawn to the vibrant cover and the book sounded like the perfect romantic comedy. On the whole, I thought It Had To Be You was a good read. For me, it did take quite a while for the main story to kick in after the initial YouTube dumping, but the story is certainly fun with a great set of characters. I loved Lizzy's best friends, Nic and Poppet and while they have completely different outlooks on love and life, I thought they made a very believable group of friends. I really liked Poppet and her ideal Disney-type romance and I kept hoping that she would meet her Prince Charming.
It Had To Be You is full of fun characters and there were some great laugh-out-loud moments. Lizzy works in PR and some of her clients provided a lot of laughs but I did feel that some of these scenes slowed down the plot at times. I was waiting for Lizzy to meet Elliott and begin her mission to prove him wrong in the matters of love as promised in the blurb but, while they do meet briefly, this part of the story doesn't happen until quite late on.
Overall, I thought It Had To Be You was quite an enjoyable, fun read with a great mix of characters.

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