Friday 8 August 2014

My Summer Reads: What I Look For In A Summer Read

While a beach location of a novel can certainly help with a summer read, it isn't necessarily a must to be added to my summer reading list.
For me, a summer read is light and fun with a fantastic set of characters. I want to be able to relax in the park or stretch out on a sunlounger - or to be more realistic living in Britain, curled up inside sheltering from the rain - while disappearing into somebody else's world for a while. I want to giggle and lose myself in romance. I want to root for the heroine as she falls in love and swoon over her leading man. I want to imagine a Richard Curtis film is playing in my head as I turn the pages.
Ultimately, for me, a summer read should be uplifting and contain a bunch of characters I'd like to be friends with.
What do you look for in a summer read?
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If you'd like to share what you look for in a summer read, give me a shout! You can find out more about My Summer Reads here or see past posts here

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