Friday, 5 December 2014

A Beginner's Guide To Christmas: Ruth's Festive Favourites

As Christmas is approaching, Ruth has decided to share her festive favourites. We'd love to hear about yours too!
You can't beat a good old fashioned Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. I'll even tolerate sprouts one day a year (it is a special occasion, after all).
I could choose mulled wine or a delicious cocktail but hot chocolates are a firm favourite of mine during the colder months. At Christmas, it has to have marshmallows and whipped cream too (it is a special occasion, after all).
This has to be Love Actually. Richard Curtis films are legendary anyway, but add Christmas into the mix and you've got yourself a perfect film!
2 Become 1 by The Spice Girls. It's not overly festive but it's played a LOT at Christmastime (which is no bad thing!)
There's such a lot to choose from but, for me, it has to be The Vicar of Dibley Christmas special where Geraldine ends up having (but not really enjoying) several Christmas lunches.
Five Quick Fire Festives
Tree: Real or Fake
Fake! I love a Christmas tree but I don't want to have to clean up after it!
Mince pies or Christmas pudding?
Both? (It is a special occasion, after all)
Fairy lights: white or multi-colour?
Definitely multi-colour. The brighter and gaudier the better!
Tree topper: angel or star?
Angel! Far prettier.
Wizzard or Slade?
Tough one! I'm going with Wizzard for two reasons - top beard and I really do wish it could be Christmas every day.
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