Monday 16 March 2015

Book Crafts: Bookmark

Everybody needs a bookmark (unless you're one of those folding-down-the-corners kinds of readers. In which you need a bookmark more than anybody else *tsk*)
And what better way to recycle a book proof than to make one?
Making the bookmark was easy and all you need are a pair of scissors, double-sided tape or glue, card, a bit of ribbon, hole punch or pencil-and-blu-tack combo (highly recommended) as well as your book proof.
Cut out a strip from the page (I kept the page number at the bottom but you don't have to) and stick it onto your card. I used cream card, but you can use any colour you want!
Leaving a small border, cut around the strip.
Using a hole punch or pencil-and-blu-tack combo (place the blu-tack underneath the bookmark where you want your hole and push the pencil through the card), make a hole in the top of the bookmark for the ribbon. I didn't and simply pushed the end of my scissors through and caught my finger (which I knew I would). It hurt. Seriously, hole punch or pencil-and-blu-tack combo.
Fold your ribbon in half and then push unlooped ends through the hole (from the back of hole through to the front of the bookmark) and then pop them through the loop and pull until it's secure.
And you're done! You have a book-themed bookmark.
As an added extra, I drew a thin line of gold pen around the edge and put some dots on, but you could do whatever takes your fancy. Go wild! Or not. Entirely up to you.
If you do make a bookmark, I'd love to see the spin you put on it!
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