Monday 27 April 2015

Guest Post: Tori de Clare

New release: The Darkness Visible #2 in The Midnight Saga

Sequel to: Either Side of Midnight #1 by Tori de Clare.
I’m a northern lass from the UK. I grew up in a cluttered town seven miles from Manchester and moved to a much quieter place in East Yorkshire 17 years ago. I’m happy where I am, but I still have family in Manchester and visit regularly. My books mark a return to my roots. They’re set in Manchester.

The Darkness Visible, #2 in The Midnight Saga, was released on 7th April 2015, which happens to be my birthday. Either Side of Midnight is a romantic suspense/thriller written for women and young women. There are loads of gritty crime books for men. My books are non-graphic thrillers with a sprinkling of romance, predominantly for women. I’m always surprised when men enjoy them.

Book #1 opens with a young bride being abducted on her wedding night in the grounds of the hotel where she’s staying. She should have flown to the Caribbean hours later. Instead, she’s taken by a masked man to a cottage in the middle of nowhere. She doesn’t know where she is, who has taken her, what he wants or how or if she’ll ever escape. And his voice is chillingly familiar.

I wrote Either Side of Midnight during a time of waiting. My first book had been requested by 3 London literary agencies in succession, to be read in full. The total waiting time for all three was nine long months. During this time, my subconscious mind threw up the plot for Either Side of Midnight. My future was in the hands of someone else. All I could do was wait and hope and pray. This is how my protagonist feels throughout her ordeal at the cottage as she tries to plot her escape from a psychopath with her future in the balance.
Ultimately, all three agencies rejected my book, which is still sitting on my laptop. Either Side of Midnight did have a future, however, because I decided to self-publish it. The reviews have been so good that I was persuaded to write a sequel and I’m currently planning to write the finale to the trilogy.

Did my protagonist escape unharmed? Did she discover why she’d been abducted and what he wanted and how she knows him? What happens after that? All answers to be found in the first two books, and still many questions for me to attend to. EITHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT currently has 235 five* reviews across Amazon with a rating of 4.6/5 in the UK and 4.5/5 in the US.


What if the best day of your life became your worst nightmare?

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What if your worst nightmare was only the beginning?

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