Tuesday 26 May 2015

Blog Tour: Catch Me If You Cannes (Part 4) by Lisa Dickenson

As part of the Catch Me If You Cannes blog tour, I'm posting a weekly review of each part. This week I'm sharing my thoughts on the final part!

Best friends Jess and Bryony are in Cannes for the film festival, with Bryony trying to find a story that will help her break away from trashy Sleb magazine and forge a more respectable career. While Bryony is busy sniffing out a big story, Jess has been getting loved up with hunky yacht owner, Leo. But Jess and Leo haven't been entirely truthful about themselves and their tangle of lies are about to unravel themselves.

I've really enjoyed the Catch Me If You Cannes series, so I'm sad that it has to come to an end. The series has been such a fun, quirky read and I'm going to miss the characters, especially Jess and the delicious Leo. Lisa Dickenson has created some fantastic characters, from Jess and Leo to journalist Bryony and stylist Richard. The whole cast has been a joy to get to know!

I really like Lisa Dickenson's style of writing; it's witty and so much fun but it has an ease to it too so you can curl up and feel completely relaxed as her characters go off on their adventures. Each part of Catch Me If You Cannes is the perfect length for settling down in the evening and devouring the pages and I liked that each ended on a cliff-hanger, leaving me itching to find out what would happen next. The whole series was a pleasure to read and I'm looking forward to seeing what Lisa has in store for us in the future.

About the author
Lisa Dickenson was born in the wrong body. She was definitely meant to be Beyoncé. Despite this hardship, she grew up in Devon attempting to write her own, completely copyright-infringing versions of Sweet Valley High, before giving Wales a go for university, and then London a go for the celeb-spotting potential. She's now back in Devon, living beside the seaside with her husband and forcing cream teas down the mouths of anyone who'll visit. She is sadly still not Beyoncé.
Lisa's first novel, The Twelve Dates of Christmas, won the Novelicious Debut of the Year award. Her second novel, You Had Me at Merlot, was also an instant hit with readers who were won over by her wit, charm and naughty sense of humour. Follow her on Twitter for all her book news and Beyoncé-related chatter: @LisaWritesStuff

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