Monday 11 May 2015

Book Crafts: Glass Lantern

Glass Lantern
I've seen some pretty glass lanterns recycled from food jars on Pinterest, so I decided to make my own with a bookish theme.
You will need:
An empty, clean glass jar
Double-sided tape
Proof pages
Cut your pages down to size. My jar had a helpful ridge where the label had been so I used this as a guide. I needed two sections as the page wouldn't fit across the middle.
Draw a heart-shape on your page, where it will sit in the middle of the jar. Cut out.
Stick your page onto the jar.
Wind string along the top of the jar, tucking in any loose ends (you can tie it into a bow if you'd like instead).
And you're done!
Of course you can embellish the lantern any way you'd like - swap the string for ribbon or coloured twine, add sequins or buttons or change the design of the cut-out. I decided to add some coloured stick-on jewels around the heart.
Add a candle (I'm going to use a little battery-operated one to make it easier from now on - no trying to light it in the bottom of the jar!)
If you don't want to a candle-holder, you can use it to store small items instead.
How about a stationery pot?
There are loads of ways to play around with the jars, from the size of the jar used to your choice of embellishments. If you have a go yourself, I'd love to see what you come up with!
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