Wednesday 6 May 2015

Re-Reading Books

I'm a massive fan of re-reading books. There is something so comforting about curling up with a book you know well, where the characters are like old friends. You know the plot, you even know the ending, but it doesn't matter. Like re-watching your Friends box-set on a loop, some books can be read over and over again without the joy ever diminishing.
I have a handful of favourites that I've re-read lots of times (I've lost count of the number) and never tire of. They are books that were released around the same time, when I was just beginning to discover chick-lit and I love returning to them. I've even posted 'retro reviews' here on the blog when I've read them again.
As a book blogger, I'm sent so many books to review that I don't get much chance to sit down with my old favourites, so when I created a reading challenge for 2015, I made sure I added 're-read a favourite' to my list, to give me a kick up the bum to actually do it. In fact, it's the first item on my list!

For my reading challenge, I've chosen One-Hit Wonder by Lisa Jewell. I was 18 when I first read it and I go back to it every few years and of all my favourites, it's the one that I haven't returned to for the longest time. So next week, I'll be picking it from the shelf and rediscovering what happened to Bee Bearhorn. I can't wait!
Do you re-read books? And do you have any favourites?

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  1. I don't really re read books as i already know what happens so it spoils the mystery for me, the only books I do re read is Harry Potter


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