Monday 14 September 2015

Book Crafts: Mini Sweet Cones

Mini Sweet Cones
Perfect for a little gift or you could change the theme and use as party favours or stocking fillers
To make the mini sweet cones you will need:
Book proof pages
Patterned scrapbook pages
Double-sided tape
Cut out a rectangle of book page (I trimmed a book page so that there was no plain border and then cut it in half)
Back the page with a sheet of patterned scrapbook page. This gives a bit of colour when you open the packs and also strengthens the book page. Trim to the size of your book page
Create a cone, securing with double-sided tape. Flatten it slightly and fold down the flap at the top
Open the flap and put the sweets inside, being careful not to fill it too much as this will make closing the pack difficult
Fold down the flap again and secure with double-sided tape
Create a tag by cutting out a small rectangle of paper (I used a blank part of book proof page to match) and snipping one end to create a point. Write the name the name of the recipient or a short message on the paper, leaving a space at the non-snipped end. Back in the same scrapbook paper as your cone and trim
Attach to the folded-down flap and add a button to finish
And that's it - you have your mini sweet cones!
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