Wednesday 2 September 2015

Back To School!

Six weeks have passed and the school summer holidays are now OVER. If you'd listened carefully, you'd have heard a collective sigh of relief at 8.55 this morning as parents waved goodbye to their little darlings.
In some ways, the summer holidays have felt like a long, LONG stretch (these times are usually when I'm breaking up a squabble before breakfast) but in other ways it's flown by. I've enjoyed a week away in Bulgaria and worked my way through the fabulous selection of books on my summer reading list while squeezing in writing time to work on the revisions of my Christmas novella plus the second draft of my next book.
But there will be no more squeezing as the end of the school holidays signals the return of my dedicated writing time. I'm now free to spend my days in the fictional worlds of my characters (with the odd wander over to Twitter and Facebook, obviously). After a celebratory Back-To-School pastry and cup of tea (any excuse), I'm now sitting at my desk with Spotify for company, ready to re-join Delilah and her pals.

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