Monday 21 September 2015

#AmWriting: New Book & Short Story

The last time I wrote my #AmWriting post, I was around half-way through the second draft of my 'Delilah' book. After finishing the draft, I was happy enough to send it off to my editor. I'll share any news of release dates etc when I have them.

So it's time to start a whole new book! I've been plotting and planning (aided by my old faithful baby names book) and now it's time for me to jump into the first draft. This is always a scary yet exciting time for me; exciting because I get to meet new characters and build new stories but scary because what if what is in my head doesn't translate onto the page as I hope?

There isn't much I can do but get on with it and start to write. If the first draft doesn't work out quite right, that is what second drafts are for. And third drafts and fourth drafts...

I'm also working on a Halloween short story. This is just for fun and will be posted here on the blog next month (you can see my other short stories here or view them on Wattpad). I love Halloween - but only the fun aspects. I'm not made for the scary stuff. Pumpkins, trick-or-treating and crafting is as far as I go. And my Halloween short stories reflect this. There will be no creepy shit happening in my stories!
So that's it for now on the writing front. Wish me luck for that first draft!

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