Thursday 12 November 2015

5 Reasons Why It's Fab to Write A Festive Book

I loved writing The Mince Pie Mix-Up as it was not only a lot of fun to really mess with my characters' lives, it's also set at Christmas and I've found that writing a Christmas book is FAB. And here are 5 reasons why:

1. Festive Films

I usually only watch festive films at Christmas (or a teeny bit before. My rule is that as long as Halloween has passed, they're fair game) but when you're writing a Christmas book, it's pretty essential to dig out the festive feel-good DVDs. It's research and not at all slobbing out on the sofa in your pyjamas with a family-sized bag of popcorn. Nope - RESEARCH, my friend.

2. Festive Music

Like the festive films above, these are usually only enjoyed during December (*cough* and November) but when you're writing a Christmas book you NEED to get into the spirit with a jolly good dose of Bing Crosby, Slade and The Buble. Dust off the festive CDs or listen to one of the many year-long online festive radio stations (God bless them, every one).

3. Festive Food

Although many of us claim that the best thing about Christmas is getting together with friends and family, we all know it's really the food. Mince pies, tins of Roses, a Terry's Chocolate Orange all scream Christmas to me so if you're lacking the festive spirit (and let's face it, getting Christmassy in the middle of summer can be tough), stuff yourself with festive treats to give you a much-needed boost!

4. Creating Christmas

We all want a perfect Christmas but it sometimes ends up a bit shit. Family arguments, toys without batteries, the turkey refusing to defrost (mainly because you forgot to take it out of the freezer until Christmas morning). So many things can go wrong and dim the Christmassy glow we're all expected to feel on the big day. But if you create your own Christmas in fiction, it's entirely in your hands. It can be as perfect as you like or, if you're feeling particularly vengeful after a particularly crappy Christmas, you can make your characters utterly miserable. Bah humbug!

5. Christmas again and again

When you're writing a Christmas book, you get to celebrate Christmas again and again! It doesn't matter that's it May - you NEED to wear those Rudolf socks. And so what if it's a sweltering August day (artistic licence used here if you're British) - that hot chocolate with gooey marshmallows and lashings of whipped cream is PARAMOUNT to keeping that Christmassy flow going. No matter what time of the year it is, you absolutely need to get your Christmas on. So play those festive tunes, watch those feel-goods and stuff yourself with chocolate for breakfast. It is Christmas after all - at least in your head.

‘I wish I could live your life. I’d happily swap lives with you.’

’Tis the season to be jolly but for Calvin and Judy the usual festive bickering has already begun! Judy’s convinced that her husband has it easy – no glittery wrapping paper, no playground gossip and absolutely no Christmas baking.

Calvin wishes he could trade in his obnoxious boss and dull nine-to-five job to spend more time kicking back with his kids – how hard can Judy’s life really be?

But after a magical mince pie mix-up, one thing’s for certain – by Christmas Day, life for Judy and Calvin will never be the same again. Perhaps the grass isn’t always greener after all…

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