Wednesday 4 November 2015

The Sea Between Us by Emylia Hall

Robyn Swinton has just moved to Cornwall with her parents. When she discovers a remote cove near her home, she decides to try surfing for the first time and finds it far more difficult than she anticipated. Swept beneath the waves, Robyn fears she is going to drown until a pair of arms pull her from the water.
Jago Winters has lived in Cornwall all his life. When he spots Robyn struggling in the water, he doesn't hesitate before rushing to her rescue. Jago saves Robyn's life, creating a bond that can never be broken, no matter what life throws at them.
I read The Sea Between us as part of the Novelicious Book Club and was immediately drawn into the lives of Robyn and Jago as they meet at the cove. You'd think this was a simple love story: boy meets girl, saves her from drowning, they live happily ever after but life - and love - isn't that simple for the pair. They're pushed together and pulled apart by life and circumstance, creating an enchanting tale full of hope, happiness and at times heartache.
I usually prefer a much faster paced novel than The Sea Between Us but I actually enjoyed the gentleness of the book, allowing myself to be swept along with the highs and lows of Robyn and Jago's adventures through life. Emylia Hall's writing is so evocative that I could easily picture the cove and it almost became another character in the story. The cove mirrored Robyn and Jago's lives throughout the book; sometimes calm and gentle, at other times rough and dangerous. I loved Robyn's determination - first to get back on her surf board after the last time almost ended in tragedy and secondly to keep going and master the waves, growing stronger and more resilient with each attempt.
Emylia Hall tackles some difficult subjects within The Sea Between Us, making this love story bittersweet but also more real. Life isn't a fairytale and the hardships and struggles Robyn and Jago face only enhanced their story for me.
The Sea Between Us is a beautifully written story that captivated me from the start and kept a tight hold until the end.

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