Monday 14 March 2016

#AmWriting: Second Drafts & Blog Tours

I'm always a bit daunted before I dive into the second draft of a book. What if it's absolute rubbish? So rubbish that no amount of drafts will change the fact it's poop? I'm usually firmly of this mind set by the time I finish a first draft. I've usually spent weeks if not months tapping away at my laptop, hoping that the words emerging on my screen are edging towards decent. I never edit as I go. Instead, I plough through to the end, ensuring I've got a complete draft to work on. It isn't always pretty (understatement) but, as the saying goes, you can't edit a blank page. So I'm not quite sure what I'm going to find when I open up the document again.

There are lots of things I wanted to work on during this draft. There were some glaring weaknesses so I created myself a nice list of what I knew needed changing before I jumped back in. That nice, typed up list has since been scribbled on as I've found new problems or things to work on. One of the major things I'm focusing on this time round is strengthening the relationships between my characters. I feel like I know my characters really well but I need to show the readers who they are on the page.

As well as working on my new book, I'm also gearing myself up for the publication of The Wedding Date, which will be released in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! Please excuse me while I hyperventilate...

I've been busy planning the blog tour, which will run from 11th - 24th April and there are some fantastic bloggers who are taking part. There'll be a mix of reviews, guest posts and Q&As and I can't wait to get started, even if I do have major butterflies right now!

Did you catch the cover reveal The Wedding Date? In case you didn't I'll post it again (any excuse).

Isn't she a beauty? I absolutely love it. It's so pretty and the colours are gorgeous. The Carina team are a clever bunch! The book will be published on 28th March but it's available to pre-order here

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