Wednesday 23 March 2016

The Night That Changed Everything by Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice

Rebecca and Ben are complete opposites; Rebecca is messy and Ben is tidy, Rebecca is closed off, keeping her emotions to herself while Ben isn't afraid to show his feelings. But they seem to work and they're happy together. Until a secret is revealed and their relationship isn't quite as it once seemed. Can they put this revelation behind them and continue as they were or will it change their relationship beyond recognition?

After reading The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice back in 2014, I was looking forward to reading their next novel and I have to say I. Loved. This. Book. A lot. It has everything I want in a book; romance, intrigue, wit and a host of characters I quickly fell for. Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice have a way of writing fantastic chemistry between their characters - and not just the main guys. The supporting characters aren't merely background players. They're right there, at the forefront, being brilliant. I adored the different relationships and friendships within the book, from old, established bonds to brand new ones that we see developing throughout the book. There were a lot of laughs as the friends teased each other but also a lot of love and support through difficult times too. Of course I loved Rebecca and Ben but I also had massive soft spots for Jamie, Russ and Jemma too.

The book is told from the alternating perspectives of Rebecca and Ben, with the authors taking control of one character's viewpoint and this was done seamlessly. The characters (both Rebecca and Ben and the supporting guys) were true to themselves no matter who was relating their story, which meant the switch at each new chapter wasn't jarring at all.

The story wasn't what I was expecting but I enjoyed being swept along by the brilliant host of characters. I loved that there was a nod to the duo's previous novel with one of the characters appearing in this book too, which was brilliant for me as I adored her in The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me and she was just as hilarious this time round. There was also a little hint of what happened next for a couple of characters from The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me, which I loved.

The Night That Changed Everything was a fabulous read with an amazing bunch of witty, warm characters and a bittersweet story. There are some real heart-string-pulling moments as well as plenty of laugh-out-loud and snorting-in-public moments and I loved it all. I'm already looking forward to the pair's next book, so please hurry up with that one, Laura and Jimmy ;)

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