Thursday 6 December 2012

Book 3 Progress - The End is in sight...

A few weeks ago I was struggling a bit with my writing. I knew what I had to write as I've planned the whole book out, chapter by chapter, but the words didn't seem to want to come out. So I'm pleased to report I am now out of the other side of my slump. Woo! I kept going, battling all the distractions (mostly) and now the end is in sight. I have eight chapters left to write. 8! It's such a relief to see that teeny little number.

I set myself a goal of finishing the first draft by Christmas and so, all being well, I should be able to reach it *cue tornado of illnesses that render me unable to write*

I'm feeling much better about this first draft than I did with Book 1 and 2, which both needed major reworking during the second draft. With Book 1, I ended up writing about 80% of the book from scratch but, fingers crossed, I won't have to do that this time round. I'm hoping I spotted any major flaws while planning (that's the idea anyway).

So now I just have to write the last eight chapters and I'm done. For now.

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