Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas Crafts & Baking

I love the run up to Christmas, even a little bit more than the dat itself when I'm in and out of the kitchen instead of enjoying myself. I love doing Christmas crafts with or for my kids as well as trying to bake.

As a book lover, it makes sense to make a festive bookmark, especially with all the great Christmassy books out this year. Plus, they're so easy to do, whatever age. A bit of card, glue and stickers and you've got yourself a lovely bookmark.
We made foam snowmen last year. They were easy and fun to make so we did it again this year. Once they were dry, I used my glue gun to attach them to sets of pencil crayons.

Another easy Christmas craft for the family is festive placemats. Make a Christmassy picture and laminate!
I made treat bags at Easter and Halloween and decided to make two sets for Christmas. The reindeer set has sweets inside and will go in the kids' stockings while the snowman pack has snowmen shaped marshmallows inside and a sachet of hot chocolate attached. I put the pack in a cup with a chocolate snowman lolly so they can have fancy festive hot chocolate before bed on Christmas Eve.
And the final Christmas craft is the cards I made for my daughters with real candycanes attached (which was harder than I anticipated but I got there in the end without completely destroying the cards).
We baked a couple of festive treats this year - Christmas Cupcakes (with homemade chocolate trees) and gingerbread men and snowmen, which everybody had a go at decorating with glittery icing and chocolate beans.



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