Wednesday 23 January 2013

Birthdays and Snow Days

It was my 30th birthday on Monday (30? How did that happen?) and, as an added bonus, I didn't even have to do the school run as my daughters' school was closed due to the snow. I'm not a fan of snow. Or rather, I'm not a fan of what snow becomes after a day or two - ice. But I decided to make the most of it and wrapped myself and the girls up and had some fun. We threw a lot of snowballs, with the kids ganging up on me (even though I was the birthday girl - brats :-P ) and we attempted to build a snowman but  soon got bored. The oldest and I gave snow angels a go but it wasn't quite deep enough.

Later on, a delivery of gorgeous pink flowers and chocolates arrived from The Husband (I knew there was a reason I married him).
There was also cake and the four of us braved the snow again to go out for tea.

So that's it, my twenties have gone *sob* This time a decade ago, I'd just waved goodbye to my teens (and was already 3 weeks away from becoming a mum - oopsie). Since then I've had another child and got married but I still don't feel any more mature. I'm still waiting for that to happen. Perhaps sometime in the next ten years...


  1. I said goodbye to my 20s in October - it's quite scary!

    Sounds like you had a great birthday, and some snow time, too! :D

    1. It is scary. Feel almost bad for taking the piss out of my older siblings when they reached 30 now.

  2. happy birthday once again. It sounds like you had a lot of fun with the children and those flowers are beautiful.

    We only had disruption from snow for one day last friday, so it wasn't really around long enough to drive us too mad.

    1. We still have ice and it's getting on my nerves having to practically skate everywhere!


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