Tuesday 15 January 2013

Kismetology by Jaimie Admans

Mackenzie Atkinson has recently moved in with her boyfriend of two years but living with Dan isn't proving to be quite the dream they envisioned. There are plenty of cosy nights in but unfortunately Mackenzie's mother invites herself along for most of them, bringing her dog, Baby, with her.

Although her mother's near-constant presence is frustrating, Mackenzie knows the reason Eleanor visits so often is because she has been lonely since Mackenzie moved out. The solution to Mackenzie and Dan's problem seems simple enough - they just have to find Eleanor a man to share her life - and her Coronation Street viewing - with.

Mackenzie doesn't want to set her mother up with just anybody so she begins a thorough vetting process to find the ideal man for Eleanor. The only downfall is Eleanor's fussiness and setting her up isn't as simple as it first appeared.

Kismetology is a light-hearted read, which I found amusing as Mackenzie meets disastrous man after disastrous man in the hope of finding love for her overbearing mother. Each potential date seems to be worse than the last but it was fun to watch their bizarre traits unfold. Despite Eleanor taking interfering to the next level, I quite liked her as a quirky character, especially coupled with her over-indulged dog, Baby. I could see why Mackenzie needed a bit of space but didn't feel she could simply ask her to back off.

Kismetology is an entertaining book about finding love with more than a few comical bumps along the road to happily ever after.

Thank you to Jaimie Admans for providing me with a copy to review. I will be chatting to Jaimie on Thursday.

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