Wednesday 2 January 2013

My Goals for 2013

Last year, I kept my writing goals pretty simple:

  • Finish the final draft of the Current Project
  • Send Current Project off to agents
  • When it's rejected, send it to the next agents on the list
  • Start Book 2
  • Don't give up like I usually do
I thought I would keep it simple again. I'd obviously love an agent and a publishing deal in 2013 but other than some serious blackmail and/or threats, I'm going to give myself goals that I have control over.
So my writing goals for 2013 are:
  • Finish Book 3
  • Submit the book
  • If it's rejected (see how optimistic I was then), send it to the next agent on the list.
  • Keep sending it to ALL the agents on my list
  • Don't give up like I usually do
I also thought I'd set myself some reading goals too. I read 80 books in 2012 and, even though it was a bit hectic at times, I'd like to keep up the momentum. Maybe not quite 80 books but we'll see.

I'd also like to reacquaint myself with my non-review book pile. It's been neglected since I've started receiving books from publishers so I'm going to dust them off and read them as there are some books I'm longing to read in the pile.

I re-read a few books last summer and I'd like to go back and re-read some of my favourites again this year.

Have you set yourself writing or reading goals?


  1. Having goals is a good idea. I always say I intend to write a first draft in a week, but never do. I think it's time I really set up and go for it properly!

    1. A week? A week? *passes out at the mere thought*

  2. That's a lot books you read!

    1. It was! But 7 of those were short stories/collections if that helps.

  3. Keep plugging away! Wishing you the best of luck

  4. These are great goals and I'm rooting for you to succeed! I haven't posted mine yet, but plan to tomorrow!
    Best wishes this year!!!


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