Saturday 24 August 2013

Blog Makeover

As you can see, the blog looks a little bit different and it even has a new name (unless something has gone horribly wrong).

When I started the blog, it was completely anonymous. I set it up one afternoon to see how difficult it was, fully expecting to struggle and get fed up with it really quickly before abandoning it. But that didn't happen. It wasn't difficult and I LOVED blogging so I'm still here, two years later.

The blog is no longer anonymous as I finally plucked up the courage to add my name to my profile and also added it to twitter so I thought it was about time I added it to the blog name too. It's a bit strange saying goodbye to Mama J (although I am still her to my 10 year old. The J stands for Jellyfish, by the way - It's a longish story) but I've been thinking about changing it for a while and, with my domain needing a renewal, I thought now was the perfect time.

As well as a change to the domain name, my email address has changed too. If you wish to contact me, you can at 


  1. Thank you! I'm quite fond of it too. Until I think of all the links I have to go back and update...


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