Thursday 1 August 2013

The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon

Heartbroken Laura is on her way to Florida's Key West with friends Marty and Bridget to give herself some time and space to think about her crumbling marriage. Her husband, Matthew has betrayed her and Laura isn't sure she can forgive him. The trio book into their hotel and while Marty and Bridget are happy to flirt with fellow holidaymakers, Laura can't help thinking about Matthew.
But that all changes when the three girls sign up for scuba diving lessons and Laura feels an instant attraction to instructor Leo. A holiday fling may not be the best idea under the circumstances but Laura can't seem to stay away from Leo and begins to worry that she won't be able to say goodbye and face what is left of her marriage when the holiday comes to an end.
The Longest Holiday is a fab summer read filled with heat and passion but also runs much deeper. Laura has never had much luck with men and now she must decide whether she can forgive Matthew and salvage their marriage or whether it is too much to handle and time to end it for good. Leo has also had a life filled with heartache and loss and has built a protective wall around himself, which can leave him appearing cold at times but you know there is a smouldering heat beneath the surface. Leo pulls off the gorgeous, brooding hero to perfection and I couldn't blame Laura for going after him. He sounds delicious! Their relationship is passionate but time is playing against them from the start and there is also the added complication of Matthew. Laura loves her husband so the decision between working through their problems and saying goodbye to him is a tough one.
I really liked Laura's best friend, Marty from the beginning, warming to her instantly but it was Bridget who grew on me the most. Technically she is Marty's friend rather than Laura's but it is Bridget who offers the most support when Laura needs it.
I have to admit that That Longest Holiday is the first Paige Toon book I've read but I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun summer read.


  1. Great review, please tell me you are heading out to grab the rest of her books now :-) xxx


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