Wednesday 31 July 2013

Guest Post: Aven Ellis

Writing Connectivity          

It is amazing how one moment of TV gave me the inspiration for writing the book that scored me THE CALL from a publisher.

Last spring I stumbled on Sherlock, a modern update of Sherlock Holmes on the BBC. I was immediately taken with two things: the gorgeous London setting and the dark, wavy hair of the lead actor, Benedict Cumberbatch.

As I watched the show, inspiration struck me like lightning. Suddenly a hero formed in my mind—William Cumberland, a British media mogul with dark, out-of-control wavy hair. I picked up my smartphone, opened a memo sheet, and began sketching him. Before I knew it, I knew everything about William—his goals, his drive, his inner conflict, his icy exterior, his reserve... All of this came from watching one episode of a TV show on a Saturday night!

Now it was time to create the heroine. I always knew I wanted to write stories about women in their young to mid-twenties because it is such a fascinating place in life. I wanted to write about the start of careers...determining life dreams...and figuring out THE GUY (whether the heroine knows this or not!) Taking inspiration from my day job (I work in television), I wanted a heroine who was strong, career-focused, and determined to climb the ladder in network television. She would be the fire to William’s ice. I knew she would have red hair to match her passion (and temper!)

But what to name her? I started a list of potential names. Sydney? Jecca? I went back and forth until I was flipping channels and came across Full House. (Okay, I promise I don’t watch as much TV as it sounds like I do.) I saw the credits and the name Mary-Kate. And I found my heroine. Mary-Kate, named after an Olsen Twin (and a name she hates explaining to William upon their first meeting.)

The story came together quickly. I took a month and outlined every single chapter and what would happen. William—who created social media site Connectivity-- would purchase the media networks where MK (as she prefers to be called) works and turn her career—and personal life—completely upside down as a result. 

All of MK’s carefully laid plans for her future (which is all about her career—who has time for a distracting romance?) are run through the shredder thanks to William Cumberland. And William has her not only questioning the direction of her career, but her romantic status as well...

And yes, all of this came from watching a snippet of Sherlock. So pay attention—you never know when—and where—inspiration might strike!

Connectivity will be released by Soul Mate Publishing in October 2013. You can follow Aven on Twitter or Facebook

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  1. Aven - Love how you took inspiration from so many different things and turned it into a fab novel. For the blog readers here, I've read Connectivity - and it ROCKS!


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