Friday 19 July 2013

Schoooooooooool's Out For Summer!


At least it will be at 3.15pm.

I always look forward to the school holidays but I know that I'll be tearing my hair out within five minutes and willing September to hurry up!

We have no firm plans this year so the school holidays will be pretty relaxed (squabbling kids aside). The kids will be signing up for the summer reading challenge at the library as usual and we want to go to the new aquarium at the Trafford Centre but other than that we'll just do what we fancy.

I've bought a new box for the kids' craft stuff (because we already had three, all of which were broken in some way) and bought some new bits and pieces to keep them occupied on the rainy days (because this is the UK we're talking about. There WILL be rainy days). For the non-rainy days, I'm sure there will be visits to the park with a picnic or two (I love a picnic) and I'm also hoping to make a dent in my mountainous TBR pile, having already made a good start on my Summer Reading List

Do you have any plans for the summer?

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