Thursday 8 August 2013

Millie and the American University by Annabel Scott


Millie is ecstatic when she's accepted on the student exchange program, which means she will get to spend a year studying in America. She can't wait to enrol at Kendry and throw herself into the American student life she's seen on television.

But her life in America may not turn out to be the dream Millie envisioned. There are so many rules to keep up with - from fashion to what to eat and drink - and balancing studying with her new hectic social life proves to be difficult and could result in a premature end to her American adventure.

Millie and the American University is a fun tale of college life in the US. Millie gets to experience frat parties, the Greek system and the bitchiness of sorority girls. Millie struggles to fit in to begin with until she meets Jen and Casey, who take her under their wing. Unfortunately, Millie soon realises Jen and Casey wouldn't be out of place in the film Mean Girls. There seems to some sort of party every night and Millie, wanting to experience all Kendry has to offer, begins to fall behind in her studying. And that's before she even starts dating!

I liked how each chapter starts with an email, relaying Millie's experience and feelings to her university friends back in England. I really warmed to Millie's character and I loved how she threw herself into life at Kendry. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity so she wants to grab it with both hands. I was worried for Millie to begin with as she seemed to be falling under Jen and Casey's spell but she is a strong young woman who refuses to follow the crowd when her instincts tell her otherwise.

There are lots of different kinds of parties thrown at Kendry with their own drinking games, which I loved reading about and I also found the whole Greek system interesting, learning more about it along with Millie. Millie and the American University  is the prequel to Millie and the American Wedding, which I haven't read yet but I'd love to know what happens next.


  1. Sounds like a fun book. I think this is going onto my to read list. :-)


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