Monday, 29 September 2014

Book Extras: Introducing Ally

My second book, Everything Changes But You is out now so I thought I would put together some book extras.

First up is an introduction to the book's main character, Ally:

Ally Richmond is a soon-to-be thirty-year-old woman who works as an HR Assistant for a coach hire company. She has been with husband Gavin since they were 15 but their views on how their marriage should progress are starting to differ. Gavin wants to start a family, but the thought terrifies Ally. She wants to live a little before they give up their freedom to raise children and feels that time is running out.

Ally works with Kelly and Jason, who she has a teeny tiny little work crush on. She would never actually cheat on Gavin, but it helps to pass the time. She doesn’t get on with Kelly at all and the pair take every opportunity presented to snipe at one another. Ally says she doesn’t like Kelly, but the truth is Ally is jealous of the life Kelly has. Kelly is still young and free to have wild nights out (which she frequently boasts about at the office) and isn’t being pressured to fill her womb with babies.

Ally has a close relationship with her family, especially with her (very slightly) younger sister, Freya. They spend their Tuesday nights in the local pub for karaoke and a glass of wine or two. And this is the extent of Ally’s social life. There are no crazy nights in clubs, no falling out of taxis at the end of the night or dancing until her feet beg for mercy. She has no stories to regale her colleagues with on a Monday morning. Or any other morning.

Ally feels like she’s stuck in a rut, but when she makes a birthday wish that comes true, her life is given a major shake-up and she is finally given the life she covets. But will this equate to a happily ever after? 

Book Quote:

“‘I just need a bit more excitement in my life. I don’t want to end up like Francine, tied down to the kids. She has one night out a week, you know. One lousy night.’

‘It’s better than nothing,’ Gavin pointed out but it only fuelled Ally’s argument.

‘Exactly! I don’t want to settle for “better than nothing”. I want to be free to live.’”
Everything Changes But You is available from Amazon here

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