Tuesday 31 May 2016

The Wedding Date: A Book In Pictures

The journey of a book is a long one, starting from the initial spark of an idea and ending with the publication of an actual, readable book. I took photos and screenshots of the various stages of The Wedding Date and I thought I'd share them here on the blog!

The Wedding Date started off as 'Delilah Explains It All'. I set up a blog to get to know my characters in short posts (which you can see here)

Out came my trusty baby names book to help choose the names of my characters. As you can see, the book has been well-used over the years (I bought it for 50p nearly 20 years ago so I've definitely had my money's worth!)

Brainstorming: Who is Delilah James?

And what is her story?

Lots and lots of planning!

With the plans in place, it was time to start writing...

And my neatly typed out plans got scribbled all over.

One of many 'TheEnd's for The Wedding Date. Until...

The book was complete, published and waiting on my Kindle!


Delilah James, singleton and smoothie-addict, has six months to find a date for her oldest friend’s wedding. Oh, and to prove to her ex, best man Ben, that she has totally moved on since he dumped her out-of-the-blue nine months, eight days and seventeen hours ago…

So, with her two BFFs playing Cupid, Delilah launches herself into the high-tech, fast-paced and frankly terrifying world of dating. Luckily there’s the hot new guy at work, Adam Sinclair, to practice her flirting on – even if, as a colleague, he’s strictly off-limits!

Yet time’s running out and date after disastrous date forces Delilah to tell a little white lie – and invent a fake boyfriend! But will her secret crush on Adam ruin everything? Does she even care about Ben anymore? And is it too late to untangle her web of lies and take a real date to the wedding…?

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