Tuesday 14 October 2014

Blog Tour: Humbugs and Heartstrings by Catherine Ferguson

Today I'm pleased to be taking part in the blog tour of Catherine Ferguson's Humbugs and Heartstrings with a review.

Bobbie hates working for her miserly boss, Carol. They were once best friends but now Carol is bad-tempered and ruthless when it comes to her cleaning business, Spit and Polish. Bobbie and Carol were once so close and Bobbie hopes that one day they can mend their fractured friendship but that doesn't seem possible, especially when they meet Charlie, a charming hotelier who they both take an interest in.
Humbugs and Heartstrings is a humorous festive tale of love and friendship that had me giggling almost immediately. Bobbie isn't very happy with her life. She feels stuck in her job, she has no real social life and she needs to scrimp and save to pay for an operation for her little brother. She couldn't be more different to Carol who is bossy and mean-spirited. Despite Carol's unpleasantness, I thought she was a fantastic character and I loved her penny-pinching ways. I also really liked Charlie and the bond he quickly forms with Bobbie.
There are so many great characters in the book, from Bobbie, Carol and Charlie to Bobbie's slightly flaky mum and her friend, Bunty. The book isn't overly festive but it is full of warmth and charm and a hefty dose of fun and humour. I was interested to find out what had happened between Bobbie and Carol to destroy their once close friendship and I wondered whether they would ever be able to put their past aside and get back to the friends they had once been. I liked the little references to Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol which are sprinkled throughout the novel and hoped that this would mean Carol would see the errors of her way and change for the better!
I thought Humbugs and Heartstrings was a lovely, heart warming romantic comedy and I enjoyed it very much.

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