Monday, 27 October 2014

Book Extras: Introducing Gavin & Francine

My second book, Everything Changes But You is out now so I thought I would put together some book extras.
I've been introducing some of the book's characters and now it's Gavin and Francine's turn:

Mechanic Gavin Richmond is happily married to Ally. They’ve been together since they were teenagers and now they’re married with a small but lovely house. The obvious next step for Gavin is starting a family, but Ally doesn’t agree and wants to wait. Gavin and Ally rarely argue, but the baby issue is creating tension between the pair.

Book Quote:

‘It’s got to happen sometime, Ally. You’re thirty now.’ Like she needed reminding! ‘You’ve been saying we should wait for ages now, but how long do you want to wait? Until it’s too late?’
‘I’m thirty, Gavin, not sixty.’
‘But I want us to have a family. Don’t you?’

Francine works with Ally and the pair have become best friends, but mum of three Francine has unwittingly become the poster girl for Ally’s anti-children campaign. She barely has time for herself, with their weekly karaoke nights being the only chance she has to relax and be herself for a couple of hours. Ally doesn’t want to end up like Francine, saddled with children with any chance of spontaneity scrapped from her life. She craves freedom and adventure, not dirty nappies and school runs.

Book Quote:

Francine sang ‘Mustang Sally’ every week, without fail. It wasn’t a Karaoke Tuesday without The Commitments.”

When Ally makes her birthday wish for a new and exciting life and it comes true, where does that leave Gavin and Francine? Will they even fit in with Ally’s life at all anymore?

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