Thursday 30 October 2014

Book of the Month: October

It Must Have Been The Mistletoe
Judy Astley
Thea’s parents decide to host a big family Christmas in a house by the sea… even though they are, in fact, about to split up. Thea herself is newly single - her sister and brother are both settled, with children, homes and a future. But Thea’s boyfriend has ditched her in favour of his pedigree dogs, and Thea can’t decide whether or not she minds.

There will be copious food and drink, holly and mistletoe, lots of bracing walks and a wintry barbecue on the beach. If it seems an odd way to celebrate the final break-up of a marriage and the Moving On to new partners, no- one is saying so. But then no-one had anticipated that the new partners might actually turn up to complicate the sleeping arrangements.

As Cornwall experiences the biggest snowstorm in living memory, the festive atmosphere comes under some strain. Will Thea manage to find some happiness for herself? Will the mistletoe work its magic on them all?

*     *     *     *     *

It Must Have Been The Mistletoe is a fun, festive read full of family drama and romance. I loved the setting of the book, mostly taking place in a big, cosy house by the sea in Cornwall as Thea and her entire family spend Christmas together. I thought the idea of the big family get together was wonderful and it didn't disappoint. The book is full of humour and warmth (despite the snow!) and I enjoyed every page.

My full review of It Must Have Been The Mistletoe will be here on the blog on 11th November as part of the blog tour.

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