Saturday 8 November 2014

Home For Christmas - The Film!

Back in 2011, I read and loved Cally Taylor's Home For Christmas. So I was excited when Cally announced that it was going to be made into a film. The film has been made by a small independent production company, JumpStart and stars April Pearson (Skins) and Karl Davies (Emmerdale, Kingdom, Happy Valley) as Beth Prince and Matt Jones.

Home For Christmas will be screened at selected Picture House cinemas (you can see a list of venues here). Unlike regular screenings of films, pre-booking is very important as the film will only be screened if enough tickets are booked beforehand. Pre-bookings must be made by the end of November so if you are interested in watching Home For Christmas, book your tickets fast!

I've been lucky enough to have watched Home For Christmas and I loved it. It's a fun romantic comedy with plenty of laughs that really brings Cally Taylor's book to life.

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