Wednesday 26 November 2014

#AmWriting Christmassy Things

I love Christmas, from decorating the tree, to festive crafts and watching films with my family. I also love a good Christmassy book so I decided to write a Christmas novella for 2015. I've just finished writing the first draft and loved getting to know a brand new set of characters (and also seeing a familiar face once again as they made a festive return). I've never written a novella before (A Beginner's Guide To Christmas, which I wrote last year, is only around 8,000 words so it's more like a short story) so it was good to try something new. Of course, I had to listen to my favourite festive radio station - North Pole Radio - to make sure that I was truly in the Christmas spirit as I wrote!

I've also been working on my Christmas short story for 2014. Since I started this blog in 2011, I've been posting a festive short story each year. I haven't always been a fan of writing short stories as I found them quite difficult, but I'm growing to like them more and more and it's good to practice!

So far, I've posted Christmas Spirit, Christmas Eve In New York and A Fairytale Christmas (click to view each story. If you want to, obviously) and this year I will be posting A Box of Christmas Chocolates. It's a sequel to a short story I posted at Easter (The Chocolate Box) so it was nice to catch up with Kat and see what she's up to this Christmas. I'll be posting the story in a couple of weeks so I hope you enjoy it!

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