Monday 14 December 2020

Writing Book 13: The End

Writing Book 13

After just six weeks and one day - the fastest I have ever achieved this - I could finally write those two little words every writer loves:

The End

This is the quickest I've ever bashed out a first draft, and it's all thanks to Nanowrimo. Writing just over 69,000 words in one month gave me the momentum and the belief that I could finish the draft before Christmas. Having a really detailed plan also helped as I didn't have to stop and think about plot points or stumble across any problems because they'd been ironed out beforehand, leaving me to just tell the story.

I've loved writing Zoey's story. It's full of magic and fun and Christmas and I can't wait to share it. First, though, I'm going to let the book - and myself - have a little rest over Christmas before jumping into Draft Two in the new year.

Total First Draft Word Count: 86,895

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