Monday 12 September 2011

Backing Up

How often do you back up your work? I'd like to say I copy over my files onto my memory stick after every writing session but that would be lying. I don't even do it after every other session. There have even been times when I have placed the memory stick next to me, ready to back up and it's only as I'm packing away my things that I see it and remember. I would like to say I switch the laptop back on and back up but that would be lying again.

The thing is, I know how important backing up is. A long time ago, I lost my work. The whole lot. I'd saved it to disk - and I mean a floppy disk - that's how long ago it was. I didn't save my work to the computer back then so the floppy disk was my only copy. One day I popped the disk into the computer but my document wouldn't open. The disk had corrupted and I had lost everything.

A floppy disk for all you
whippersnappers out there

Even remembering how devastated I'd been, I still forget to back up on a regular basis. So, from now on, I will try harder to back up. It only takes a few seconds and saves a lot of tears should anything happen to my main copy.

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