Friday 2 September 2011

Week 6 of the Summer Holidays

Goodbye summer. See you next year

Last post about the summer holidays. Where has August gone? And why doesn't winter pass so quickly?

Been a pretty quiet week. We did our usual monthly swim, followed by a bit of shopping. Bought the Jellyfish new shoes for school and her PE kit so that's school stuff sorted. Just need to iron and label it all now - fun times!

Bought hats and gloves for the mini ones for our holiday at Christmas.

The Jellyfish chose the Hello Kitty ones (she has good taste) while I chose Boo's because she's 2 and doesn't give a monkeys about choosing things to wear. Can't wait until our holiday - makes the onset of winter a bit less crappy.

Met my mum in Manchester on Wednesday with The Jellyfish and Boo and my sister and three of her kids. Had lunch and yummy doughnuts and the younger ones chased pigeons in Picadilly Gardens. Had a wander in the shops before stopping for a drink in a cafe.

So, I guess it's goodbye to the summer holidays and hello school. Time to adjust to our old routine again.


  1. We've been asked to ensure all the girls' school stuff is named, but as daughter is starting Alevels She wasn't impressed with the idea, so I'm happy not to have to do it! I do have a couple of skirts to take up though :-(

    Lovely pictures.

  2. I don't know why I bother to label her clothes - they still go missing every year grrr

  3. I'm so ready for fall. It's just around the corner!! :)

  4. Autumn I can deal with. I quite like it.

    However, the thought of winter makes me want to weep icicle tears.

  5. I am just unable to part with Summer..since I know that in a few more weeks, winter will start and snow will come rolling to Canada... Brrrrr...

    But then, this BBQ party at Karen's sounds fun :) Loving meeting new bloggers!

  6. Hi, I'm dropping in from Karen's BBQ and am your latest follower. Nice to meet you!

    There's a Romantic Friday Writers group (that I and others participate in) you might be interested in, hosted by Denise (L'Aussie Writes) in Australia. I haven't posted in a bit because after we returned from holiday I got sick (but am fine now, thankfully.) I'll try to drop by later with more info.

  7. Ju - I hate the snow after being bombarded with it for the past three years. At least I won't have to try and push a pram through it this year.

    Kittie - would love to hear more. Thank you


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