Wednesday 28 September 2011

Book 1 - I'm Dreaming of Chapters One to Three

Last week I thought the editing process was going slowly as I had only edited three chapters. So how do you think I fell this week when I have only just dipped the very tip of my big toe into chapter four?

Granted, the chapters are slightly different now as I have added a whole new chapter one but still, a week on and I'm pretty much in the same place. Saying that, I am quite content with the way those first three chapters are (high praise from a self-doubter). I'm sure I could find yet more improvements but for my own sanity, I must move on for now. I've spent enough time tweaking and tweaking at those chapters. If they were eyebrows, they'd be long gone by now.

My head will explode if see chapters one to three again in the next few of weeks.

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