Wednesday 7 September 2011

Book Lovers Blog Hop & Book 1

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As part of the Book Lovers Blog Hop, I thought I would talk about my current project. It is currently waiting patiently on my hard drive (and memory stick, just in case) after I finished the first draft almost a month ago.

The main character is Kate and she is about to go off on a bit of an adventure after her nan accidentally drops a bombshell. She'll fall in love along the way because what would chick lit be without a bit of lust?

During the (almost) month, I have come to realise a few changes that need to be made. I am sure I will discover more when I go back to it but these have wafted into my conciousness during our break.

First of all the prologue has to go. There must have been a reason to have it, otherwise it wouldn't be there but I don't have the slightest inkling what that reason was. There is nothing in that prologue that couldn't be told in the main story. It serves no purpose so will be hoofed out (or rather recycled and used in a better way).

Secondly, Kate is supposed to be 34 but, having got to know her, I realise she is more like 28.

Ooh, she likes that. Did you hear her? No? Just me then.

Swiftly moving on, Kate is definitely not in her thirties. It means having to change a few things but it'll be worth it in the end.

There will also be less emphasis on the ex boyfriend. We're not interested in him as much as the current hunk so let's not waste our time on him. He had his time with Kate and he blew it.

So those are the main things that have popped into my mind during the break. As I said, there will be more. There is a mountain of work to do still but the bare bones of the story are there so at least I've got my hiking boots on.


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