Friday 16 September 2011

The Christmas Jigsaw

Meet my nemesis

I suck at jigsaws. Really suck. I bought this Christmas jigsaw in 2009 and started it that December. This is the progress so far. Now, i must stress that I have only attempted the jigsaw at Christmas and not continually for the past two years.

Who am I kidding? It's a rubbish effort (I told you I suck at jigsaws) but this is the year I will finish it. I have restarted in September this year to give me a good number of weeks to get it done. I even tried to rope in The Jellyfish but after a couple of sessions she asked,

"Would you mind if i said it's boring and I did something else?"

Boring? It's a Christmas jigsaw. There's nothing boring about Christmas! Even when this will be the third Christmas doing the same jigsaw...

So I have set myself the challenge. I WILL finish this jigsaw by Christmas 2011 and you will be my witnesses.

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