Tuesday 20 September 2011

Newspaper Clippings

Do you collect newspaper clippings to help you with your writing? I have a few that I've squirelled away for future use. I usually spot them when I already have a story in mind rather than using them for inspiration. For example, I once cut out a house that was perfect for one of my future characters. I had an idea of the type of house she lived in and then one day I saw it sat in my newspaper.

But what do you do with your newspaper clippings? I envision pinning them to a board above my desk when I am a 'real' writer but it doesn't feel right to do that now. I don't have a desk for a start... At the moment my newspaper clippings are either stapled in my ideas book on their relevant page or stored in the pocket at the front. The clippings for my more recent projects are kept with my notes.

For me, the clippings help solidify the images in my head. Using the house again for example, I could sort of see the house before but it was a bit blurry and fuzzy in detail but now I can look at my clipping and see it properly.

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