Monday 26 September 2011

Amazing Grace by Clare Dowling

Grace Tynan's life is a perfect schedule of selling houses and looking after her three boys; husband, Ewan and ten year old twins, Neil and Jamie. But is Grace happy with this arrangement? The test comes when she meets Adam, a twenty year old anti-nuclear protester. With her boys in Florida, Grace is free to explore a new way of life but will she want to go back to her old life after a month away?

Amazing Grace was released a few years ago but I only discovered Clare Dowling last year so I am gradually making my way through her other books. Although Amazing Grace isn't my favourite Clare Dowling book I did find it an enjoyable and amusing read.

My favourite character was Julia as she was at an age where she could say and do as she pleased and she was also stubborn, even when she should have relented and accepted help.

My only problem is I will have to find a place to squeeze it onto my overcrowded bookcase.

Verdict: Good read

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