Friday 14 June 2013

Guest Posters Wanted

For the past few weeks I've been hosting guest posts, doing my bit to spread the word about books and their authors so I thought I would continue to do so.
Are you an author - either traditionally published or indie? Or perhaps you're a book blogger who'd like to have a jaunt around the blogosphere? Then I'd love to welcome you here.
I'm looking mainly for authors or fans of chick lit/women's fiction. If you're interested in appearing on the blog, simply send me an email to with your guest post and the images and links to your book and/or social media so people know where to find you.
As a vague guide, guest posts should be around 3-500 words and must be about books or writing. Possible topics could be:
  • inspiration behind your book
  • book titles
  • when you decided to become a writer
  • favourite books/authors
  • favourite childhood book
But feel free to be creative and write about your own topic - as long as it centres around books or writing!
If I'm going to use your post, I will email you with a date of when it will go up on the blog. Please make a note of it so you can let your friends and followers know when the time comes and you can also answer any comments that may be left for you.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at the above address.
***Please note, non-book promotional posts and editorials and those looking to advertise on behalf of other companies will not be accepted. I am not looking to make a profit,  I'm only interested in spreading the good word of books***

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