Monday 16 November 2020

Back In Time With Maisie: 1995

Back In Time With Maisie - 1995

In my time-travel rom com, The 12 Christmases of You & Me, Maisie travels back in time to Christmases of her past, and we're going to travel back with her and find out what was happening during the years she goes back to. 

1995 was the year when Robson & Jerome had emerged from Soldier Soldier as a pop duo, Woody and Buzz Lightyear came into our lives and Channel 4 brought us some great telly.

Events in 1995

Christmas Number One:

Earth Song (Michael Jackson)


Big Chart Hits in the UK:

Unchained Melody/(There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover (Robson & Jerome)

Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio ft L.V.)

I Believe/Up On The Roof (Robson & Jerome)

Back For Good (Take That)

Think Twice (Celine Dion)

Earth Song (Michael Jackson)

Fairground (Simply Red)

You Are Not Alone (Michael Jackson)

Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix) (Everything But The Girl)

Wonderwall (Oasis)

Highest Grossing Films:

Die Hard with a Vengeance

Toy Story

Apollo 13



Events, Music & TV:

Eric Cantona flying-kicks a spectator during a Manchester United vs Crystal Palace match

In Brookside's most viewed episode, Trevor Jordache's body is found buried under the patio

The first The Diary of Bridget Jones column is printed in The Independent

The telephone dialing plan changes in the UK. In most areas a 1 is added to the dialing code after the initial 0, but some areas have a new code

Events in 1995

Father Ted, Friends and ER air on Channel 4 for the first time

New licensing laws mean pubs can now stay open all day on Sundays

The National Television Awards are held for the first time, hosted by Eammon Holms

The Disney Channel launches in the UK

Events in 1995

Hollyoaks begins airing on Channel 4

Princess Diana is interviewed by Martin Bashir, which is broadcast on the BBC

Pierce Brosnan plays James Bond for the first time in Goldeneye

They Think It's All Over, The Thin Blue Line, The Queen's Nose, Can't Cook Won't Cook, Game On and Band of Gold also have their British TV debuts.

Events in 1995

Find out more about The 12 Christmases of You & Me

The 12 Christmases of You & Me Jennifer Joyce

What if you could go back in time and fix the biggest mistake of your life?

Two years ago, Maisie’s best friend walked out of her life and she hasn’t heard from him since. When she wakes up in 1994, she naturally assumes she’s dreaming. But when she finds herself in the past again the next night and her actions in the dream alter her present-day life, she begins to wonder if she’s somehow hopping back in time. And if she is time-travelling, can she save her friendship with Jonas?

When Maisie is forced to relive Christmases of the past, will she face up to her mistakes, or make them all over again?

The 12 Christmases of You & Me is a magical tale of friendship, first loves, and learning to live in the present.

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