Friday 13 November 2020

Nanowrimo 2020 - Week 2: Milestones & Stats


Nanowrimo 2020

How are you getting on with Nano as we approach the end of the second week?

I've found this past week to be really productive, and the milestones have started to clock up. On Monday, I reached the 20,000 words mark, followed by 25,000 words by Wednesday (which signaled the half-way point of my Nanowrimo word count goal) and this afternoon I leapt through 30,000 words.

Nanowrimo 2020 milestones

Being part of a Nano writers' group is definitely a great help and provides a lot of motivation. I achieved my personal best daily word count on Tuesday because, after reaching my goal of 2,000 words (plus a little bit more) during the day, we had a Zoom write-in where I wrote almost 2,000 more.

Personal Best Daily Word Count: 4,037

Another big motivation is the words tracker on the Nano website. It's a small thing, but it's really encouraging to update your word count and see the bar moving closer to the end. I also like the stats the site provides, such as the graph that shows you if you're staying on track, how many words you need to write that day to keep up, and your average daily word count (mine is 2,431 words).

Nanowrimo 2020 Word Tracker Graph

We've got another write-in tomorrow on Zoom, which I'm looking forward to as I find motivation for writing at the weekend is lacking. Hopefully I'll get stuck in and write another 2,000 words towards the end goal of 50,000!

Current Word Count: 31,614

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