Tuesday 15 November 2011

30 Day Book Talk - Day 15

We're half way through the 30 Day Book Talk already!

Favorite male character
I thought this was one was going to be a difficult one to answer but after the briefest of glances at the bookcase, the answer jumped out at me. It has to be Rossa Considine from Marian Keyes's This Charming Man. I loved that he was manly, despite his fondness of becoming Chloe, which went against the stereotype. I also loved Lola's ditziness at not knowing who Chloe was, especially when she started to fancy her.


  1. My favorite male character of all time has to be Jilly Cooper's Rupert Campbell Black - but then I have to say that of my own books I'm completly torn between Innes Buchanan from Bagpipes & Bullshot and Chef Finn McDuff from my new novel, Reaching for the Stars!

  2. I have a confession - I have never read a Jilly Cooper book. I might get round to it one day (if I ever wade my way through my tower of books).


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