Monday 28 November 2011

Miracle on Regent Street by Ali Harris

First on my Christmas (Reading) List was Miracle on Regent Street by Ali Harris.

Evie Taylor feels invisible; she's been working at Hardy's for two years yet nobody knows her real name. Instead, they call her Sarah, who was the previous stockroom girl she replaced. But when Evie overhears a conversation between the store's management, revealing the threat of closure of the hundred year old store, Evie knows she must do something to save all their jobs.

First of all the cover (because they are important, despite what we are told about not judging). I loved the cover of this book. The turquoise and black with hints of pink were gorgeous, especially with the teeny sequins. It was perfect and definitely drew me in before I'd even read the blurb.

After the gorgeous cover, the story didn't disappoint. It was warm and light with great characters and I was willing Evie to stand up and tell everyone who was behind the makeovers at Hardy's. The store itself is like another character who just needs a bit of love to make her sparkle again.

I loved how the chapters were grouped into the days counting down to Christmas. There was a deadline for Hardy's to be saved and you feel it drawing closer with each day that passes.

I really enjoyed reading Miracle on Regent Street and found it to be a perfect Christmas read.

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