Wednesday 30 November 2011

Book 1 - Taking a Step Back & Short Stories

For most of last week, I was riddled with more germs and I was in no mood for writing. Keeping my eyes open was enough of a struggle. So I took a few days off writing and it helped me to see where I was going wrong (again). The last chapter wasn't working but after taking a step back, I realised the problem went back further and so I have gone back to rectify the problem (hopefully). Once that's done, I think the last chapter, after some more tweaking, will be a lot better.

At the weekend, I finished the first draft of my Christmas short story, which I am writing for fun and to share on here. I originally had a different short story to share but while writing it, it felt like it was a pilot for a full novel. I enjoyed bringing the characters to life and I think they have a lot more than 2,000 words to offer so I am keeping hold of it to work on at another point and I have completed a new one.

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